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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / Parameters Category
[CTX] [ALL] Parameters Category




Access control

Resource usage restriction

    These parameters can be useful where available resources are in severe condition; when the host of DeleGate is heavy loaded, network bandwidth is narrow, or response from server can be slow.

    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    * MAXIMA what:number maxima of parallel sessions and etc.
    * TIMEOUT what:seconds timeout of connection and etc.
    * DELAY what:seconds delay for penalty
    * CHOKE Delay:Clnt:UA:Ref choking robots

Cache control


Data conversion

    Parameters to control built-in converter for text type data.

    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    * CHARCODE JIS|EUC|SJIS|UTF8 character conversion for Japanese text
    * CHARMAP [jis|ucs]:a-z/A-Z map character to character in text data
    HTMLCONV deent|enent|pre decode/encode between HTML & plain text
    MIMECONV thru|charcode control MIME encoder/decoder

Filter control

    Insert a filter program on the way to/from client or server to convert data transmitted between them.

    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    FCL filterCommand filter between client and DeleGate
    FTOCL filterCommand filter from DeleGate to client
    FFROMCL filterCommand filter from client to DeleGate
    FSV filterCommand filter between server and DeleGate
    FTOSV filterCommand filter from DeleGate to server
    FFROMSV filterCommand filter from server to DeleGate
    FMD filterCommand filter between MASTER and this DeleGate
    FTOMD filterCommand filter from this DeleGate to MASTER
    FFROMMD filterCommand filter from MASTER to this DeleGate
    XCOM filterCommand execute a command as a server
    XFIL filterCommand execute a filter as a server

Local file usage

Host name resolution

Protocol specific
    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    * HTTPCONF what:conf HTTP specific configuration
    FILETYPE suffix:fileType mapping from filename to data type & etc.
    CGIENV name,name,... environment variables to be passed to CGI
    * ICPCONF icpServerConfig configuration as an ICP server
    * FTPCONF what[:conf] FTP specific configuration
    * NNTPCONF what:conf NNTP specific configuration
    * SMTPCONF what:conf SMTP specific configuration
    SMTPGATE dirPath SMTP to SMTP/NNTP g.w. configuration
    * DNSCONF what:conf configuration as a DNS server
    * SOCKSTAP proto[:[dst][:src]] interpret the protocol over SOCKS