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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / Man-In-The-Middle-Mode
[CTX] [ALL] Man-In-The-Middle-Mode
If "mitm" is specified, it behaves like "-fcl,-fsv" that is if SSL is enabled in the client side then SSL on the server side is enabled. It can be used with a HTTP proxy DeleGate as a "secure proxy" or "SSL-tunnel" to peep the bidirectional communication in CONNECT method, relaying it as a usual HTTP applying filters and cache. ("mitm" means "Man-In-The-Middle" mode) If it is set optional as "STLS=-mitm" then the MITM mode is activated only when the client specified the server name prefixing with "-mitm." as "" for "https://host.domain/".